Sex comics in the archives

The sex comics that got buried in the past have an important place in the culture’s history.They are not just another niche genre, they are an integral part of what made the adult-entertainment world a place of sexuality and romance.Here are some of the sex comics of the past, and why they matter.1.In the Beginning […]

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Why is incest taboo in the UK?

A new study by the University of East Anglia suggests that, while people are often told that “incest is a crime” and that it’s only appropriate in certain circumstances, “incidence of incest is high in many communities and this is likely due to cultural norms”.The study found that only one in ten British people knew […]

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How to get a top porn star’s dick in your mouth: What to do when your partner gets you drunk and then gets you into a porn scene

What to say to your partner in porn: What do you mean by ‘please’?Is it a dick or mouth?What do you do when you get in a porn session?The answers to these questions and many more can be found in our guide to getting your partner’s dick into your mouth, and how to handle the […]

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GOP lawmaker proposes a bill to end incestuous marriages

The Latest on a federal appeals court ruling that overturned a Colorado law banning incestuous marriage (all times local): 5:00 a.m.A Republican lawmaker is proposing legislation that would end incestous marriages in Colorado.State Rep. Andrea Raskin is sponsoring House Bill 1065, which would end all incestuous relationships.The bill would also require doctors who perform abortions […]

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Why Japan has no incest porn in porn

I’ve just been to Japan for the first time.There are no incest pictures on the internet, no incest videos.But that doesn’t mean Japan isn’t having sex.The country is one of the world’s most porn-obsessed countries, and porn is ubiquitous.I watched a porn video about a group of Japanese men who are trying to make love.One […]

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Teenager’s dad dies after trying to murder her, authorities say

A Florida teen’s father died after trying “to murder her and other females” during a two-day trip to Disneyland in Florida, authorities said Thursday.Cecilia Sanchez-Valdez, 19, was driving to Florida from Mexico with her boyfriend on Dec. 18 when she stopped to pick up her friend’s boyfriend, who was a minor at the time, a […]

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