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The Irish will soon be in the process of deciding how to handle the rise of internet pornography.

Online sex has been a source of controversy for years, with the National Party calling for it to be banned in 2015.

But the National has changed its mind and is now calling for the regulation of it, as it wants to protect children from the spread of HIV/AIDS.

Online porn is currently legal in Ireland, but only for the personal use of adults.

Online providers can legally operate under a number of different titles and terms, but the rules on what is legal are complex.

The Irish Times spoke to experts on the matter to learn more about how they deal with this issue.

What is the definition of online porn?

Online pornography is defined as “material depicting or depicting sexual activity involving the sexual activity of another person”.

It is defined by the UK Department of Justice as a “sexual activity in which one person entices another person to engage in sexual activity or engage in acts that are designed to excite or gratify that other person’s sexual desire”.

This is not the same as pornography which is meant to be shared with others.

Online pornography also falls into a category called “entertainment”, which is defined in the UK as: “a collection of images or videos that are intended for the purpose of arousing the sexual desire of one person by another person, without that person’s consent”.

It’s this category that is the focus of the debate over whether the definition should change.

What are the current restrictions?

The current legislation on online pornography is very vague and difficult to enforce.

Currently, it is up to a court to determine what constitutes online pornography, and in certain circumstances a judge may decide to order it to cease operating.

Online sites such as Pornhub and Fandango have already been ordered to stop allowing the sale of the material.

However, a court hearing was held in September 2017 and the judgement has not yet been delivered.

If a judge agrees to make a ruling, they must then consider the “effects” of the ruling on those who are affected.

Online services are also required to report material to the Department of Children’s Services, which can be sent to the Internet Service Providers Association (ISPA) for further action.

If you have concerns about the legal status of online pornography or have any information you would like to share, contact the Department on 1800 899 898.

What can you do if you think you have been exposed to online porn, or if you’ve been threatened?

If you think someone has exposed you to online pornography and you are concerned, contact your local council or health authority.

If you believe you’ve experienced a sexual offence in the past, contact police.

If that doesn’t work, contact Childline or your local garda station.

If your child has been sexually abused, or has been threatened, call the Samaritans, anonymously.

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