Why are there so many anal incest stories?

By Football Italian staffThe topic of anal incest is a hot one these days.

Not only are there thousands of videos on YouTube, but there’s also a plethora of websites dedicated to it.

So why do they exist?

According to Dr. Roberta Lazzari, an expert in sexual medicine and sex addiction, the answer is simple: “Many women find the idea of their own body and the way they feel about it arousing.”

While many men will fantasize about anally penetrating another woman, women often find it more arousing when they’re being penetrated.

In fact, studies show that a woman who is repeatedly penetrated will experience a sexual boost.

“The stimulation is very pleasurable and so women feel it more.

They’re less stressed and they’re more aroused,” Lazzarini told us.”

Anal penetration is not only very pleasurizing, but it can also be very addictive, because you’re not thinking about the pain afterwards,” Lizzari said.

While Lazzaro is the founder of the Anal Addiction Center in Rome, the phenomenon is not limited to Italy.

In France, for example, there’s an entire website dedicated to the subject.

According to a survey conducted by the French Association of Sexual Therapists (AFT), an estimated 40 percent of French women have experienced anal sex at some point in their lives.

The study, which was conducted in 2014, found that 90 percent of women in France had experienced anal penetration at some time in their life.

According to the AFT, one of the reasons anal penetration is such a taboo topic is because it can be viewed as an abuse of power.

“It’s an act of dominance that can be very distressing for women,” Litza told us, “so it’s very difficult for women to talk about it.”

But in a society that has been struggling to deal with a number of sexual abuse scandals, the taboo can actually serve to keep women safe.

According the Aftt study, the sexual abuse of women is a relatively new phenomenon, dating back to the mid-19th century.

Since then, there has been a push to change the sexual habits of men, particularly the ones that were considered “dominant.”

“It’s very important for a woman to learn to be respectful of men’s bodies and to not think about what a man is doing in order to please him,” Lizza said.

“Because this is a normal part of human experience.”

As a result, many people are still reluctant to talk openly about the topic.

For the past few years, it was especially difficult for us to talk to our female friends about it.

However, the fact that there’s such a vast community of people dedicated to discussing the topic makes it that much easier.

And, we must say, Lazzars recent survey also confirmed that the vast majority of women are open about their experiences.

According the AFFT survey, women in Italy have experienced over 50,000 anal penetrations over the past four years, a figure that’s not even half of what we saw in France, Lizza added.

“Anal intercourse is so normal and so normal, that it’s normal for women, and we don’t have to hide it.

We have to show it.”

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