Why women should ‘stop’ speaking out against rape culture

When it comes to rape culture, it’s not the victims who suffer.

Instead, it is the perpetrators who are to blame.

In a new book, feminist author and feminist writer Andrea Dworkin writes that the “victims of sexual violence and rape culture” are often “fooled into believing that the problem can be fixed with their words, actions, and attitudes.”

She continues, “The men who commit these crimes do so with the presumption that their victims will believe them.”

She calls it the “rape culture” phenomenon.

“I’m not a rapist, but I’m sure there are men who are.

But there are so many more who are complicit in these crimes.”

Read moreDworkin’s new book is titled “Rape Culture: The Myth of Male Power and the Myth of Female Suffering.”

It’s a book that lays out a clear, concise case for women to stop using words and actions to deflect blame.

The book was released last week, just days after President Donald Trump announced he would be releasing his own, controversial and highly controversial “list of 100 women” to be held by his administration.

In addition to his new list, Trump has said that he will release a list of 100 “missing women” during the week of Feb. 8.

That list, which has been circulating among women across the country, includes several women who have been sexually assaulted by men, including several who have said they did not report their assaults.

“RAPE culture is a lie.

Rape is a crime and men must be held accountable,” Dworkins book says.

“If we don’t talk about it, then it will never end.”

Dworkins new book focuses on how the “misogyny, sexism, and other forms of misogyny that are pervasive in our culture” lead to a culture where rape is viewed as acceptable and “acceptable” is an essential part of masculinity.

She says the idea that women are not expected to take responsibility for their own actions is the root of “rape apologism,” where “women are not given the option to say no to sexual harassment and assault,” and that “it is the rapist who is always held accountable.”

“It is time to stop pretending that there is no blame and that rape is just a ‘legitimate’ response to being a victim,” Drewniak says.

Dworkinian also says that rape culture is not limited to men, and that the sexual violence of women is “an epidemic that affects men and women of all ages and backgrounds.”

She goes on to write, “Raped women are overwhelmingly under-represented in the criminal justice system, and they are disproportionately likely to be the victims of sexual assault and rape.”

Dworkinian cites a recent study that found that the number of women charged with rape increased when the victim was a minority.

She also cites a 2013 report by the National Center for Women and Families, which found that women in the U.S. experience rape at a rate of more than twice the rate of men.

“The fact that women have to go through a legal process to be able to tell their stories about sexual violence, to say, ‘This happened to me,’ and to have their testimony corroborated, to have them come forward, to know that their experience was real, is incredibly powerful,” Dreckins writes.

“We have to acknowledge that men are also victims of rape culture.”

Dreckin, who has been critical of the current president, also notes that sexual assault is often used as a weapon in the struggle for power.

She points out that sexual harassment is often framed as a “victimless crime” in which there is “no real consequence” for the harasser.

Dreckin says, “In our culture, rape is treated as an act of violence that only happens to women.

Rape culture, the myth of male power, and rape are all part of this patriarchal society.”

Dreckiin also argues that the current political climate in the United States and other countries is “one of rape and misogyny, and of the idea of men being responsible for sexual assault.”

She also believes that the public discourse around rape culture needs to shift.

“There’s no need to make excuses for the rape of women,” Drestin says.

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